Scent of Sicily/Scentravel, brands of Scent of Italy Ltd. – Company registration number: 11025032 – Registered address: 2nd Floor, Nucleus House, 2 Lower Mortlake Road – Richmond – Surrey TW9 2JA – (henceforth SoS) is a company with a long experience in the field of holiday rentals and related services.

In SoS we know how important it is for our customers to have reassuring guarantees when they book their holidays, especially when they’re planning a long journey. So we studied the best formula to give you a full insurance coverage protecting our customers in the event of unforeseen cancellations and extraordinary circumstances, to leave you just the pleasure of choosing your villa in Sicily without worries.

In this section you’ll find our policy on cancellations and refunds, and all the guarantees offered by SoS to its customers. You can also choose to subscribe an additional insurance policy with World Nomads, one of the largest Travel Insurance companies in the world and SoS’ partner. 


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For more details read the full policy. For more information on terms and conditions of the service offered by SoS please refer to our Booking Conditions.

Terms and Conditions of SoS Insurance

The insurance offered by SoS to its customers covers the refund of expenses related to the reservation up to a maximum amount equivalent to the total amount paid by the customer to SoS, according to the modalities and in the circumstances set out below.

1.1 Requirements for refund

  1. The application for a refund has been sent according to the modalities and references received from SoS through one of the following e-mail accounts: and
  2. The cause of the request is among the “covered circumstances” defined below.
  3. The request has been submitted after preliminary examination by SoS, and beacuse of the impossibility of resolution of the issue by other means.
  4. The payments have been made by credit card / paypal or bank transfer to the accounts provided in the booking confirmation email, received only through the following email accounts: or
  5. The request has been submitted by the same person who placed the reservation.

1.2 Circumstances covered by full or partial refund

SoS will refund the customer when the following circumstances occur:

  1. Fraudulent advertising – for example in case SoS is not legally authorized to rent the advertised property.
  2. Fraudulent activity – for example if the email addresses of SoS are hacked by third parties in order to cause harm to the customer during payment.
  3. Overbooking – in the event that a double booking is registered for a single property therefore causing an objective damage to a customer.
  4. Access denied – in the event that the customer has paid for the rental of the facility in accordance with the terms and conditions of SoS and with the rules established by the owners, but he is denied access to the property.This case does not cover in any way delayed access to the property for reasons attributable to the client or the owner.
  5. Booking cancellation by SoS, with reference to paragraph 2 of the terms of this policy.

To access refund the customer must also be eligible under the terms presented in 1.1 Requirements for refund

For all the other circumstances relevant to changes or cancellation, please see the Booking Conditions.

1.3 Amount of the reimbursement

The amount of the refund will be made on the basis of the damage suffered by the customer and will cover up to an amount equal to the amount paid by the customer to SoS for the reservation.

2. Cancellation by SoS

In case the property results no more availablre, for reasons beyond the control of SoS, SoS is committed to:

1. find an alternative accommodation of equal or higher level;

2. pay to the customer an exclusive indemnification according to the following table:

Booking Modification Date
(Days until the first day of reservation)
(per person, excluding children under the age of 16 years)
Up to 31 days € 10
30 – 16 days € 20
15 – 8 days € 30
7 – 0 days € 40








If the customer does not accept the accommodation and the compensation offered by SoS, SoS will refund the customer up to the amount paid and the customer will not be entitled to any further compensation.

In the event that the cancellation was due to force majeure, no refunds or penalties will be due by SoS, since these are unforeseeable and uncontrollable events (eg war, strikes, terrorist attacks, natural disasters and similar events). Anyway SoS will try anything to give to the customer a way to find an alternative accommodation.

3. How to ask for a refund

In the event that any one of the conditions specified in 1.2 Circumstances covered by partial or full refund, the customer may request a refund from SoS as detailed below:

  • The request must be submitted within 24 hours from the date of check-in
  • The request must be submitted to one of the email addresses listed in 1.1 Requirements for refund: and
  • The request shall be made from the same email address used for booking.

4. Conditions not covered by SoS Insurance

Any circumstances not specified in 1.2 Circumstances covered by full or partial refund is considered not covered by SoS insurance, which in particular does not warrant any refund or compensation in the circumstances listed below:

  • Losses and / or damages related to force majeure (such as weather conditions, natural disasters, interruption of supply of services connected to the local city office, such as lack of water and / or electricity, etc.).
  • Losses and / or damages associated with the rejection not legitimately motivated by the customer to occupy the property.
  • Losses and / or damages associated with a previously canceled reservation or for which a request of refund has been submitted.


World Nomads Travel Insurance

Why you should subscribe it

  • It covers a large number of circumstances
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What does it cover?

  • Medical insurance
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  • Flights delay and cancellation

World Nomads also covers other specific circumstances, for more information please consult World Nomads’ official website